The Troubles
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Many South Armagh roads were closed during the seventies by the occupying forces. The British Army dismantle a barricade in Derrybeg in the seventies. Newry town centre burns in the seventies. The old RUC confront Civil Rights marchers in Newry in the early 1970's.
Newry women castigate British soldiers at the UDR centre, while at the rear, internees prepare to board an army lorry en route to Long Kesh or the Prison Ship Maidstone. Newry centre ablaze early on the morning of Internment. Many of those 'lifted' were Civil Rights activists. The British Army riot squad prepare to attack demonstrators who were protesting against the shooting of three unarmed young men in Newry town centre. Newry women taking part in a march to the border in protest against Bloody Sunday and internment.
The funeral of Warrenpoint teacher Liam Prince, shot dead by British soldiers by mistake after a bomb explosion in South Armagh. Leading a protest march against the British Army blockade outside Omeath, were councillor Tommy Elmore, flanked by Louis Doyle and Kevin Mulligan.
An aerial view of the scene of Narrow Water, where 18 British soldiers were killed by a double bomb attack in 1979. Dan Moore (centre) was jailed for carrying the Irish Tricolour during this Easter Commemoration in the 1960's. Republican leader Joe Cahill arriving in Edentubber for the Annual Commemoration ceremony in the 1970's. A bus is halted by bollards on the Newry-Omeath road in the late 1950s.
Newry gaels block the British Army from entering Pairc An Iuir in a search for arms and explosives in the 1970s. The Annual Edentubber commemoration in the 1970's.
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