Chapel Street
Historic Newry Streets Have Special Re-Union
MEMORIES of the `good old days’ at some of Newry’s most historic thoroughfares was revived when residents and ex-pats from the Chapel Street and Kilmorey Street area held a re-union in 2005.....READ>>

What Dramatic Changes To Historic Newry Streets
WHAT vast changes have taken place over the past half-century, to that historic area from Chapel Street to River Street, whose past and present residents, along with ex-pats, were invited to a unique re-union in 2005.....READ>>

Superstars Brought Fame And Glory To Newry Street
WHAT an exciting prospect loomed for Newry’s two soccer superstars, Peter McParland and Pat Jennings, being re-united for the first time in decades, as present and former residents of the Chapel Street area gathered for a very special re-union, a few years ago.....READ>>

Music, Song, Comedy And Dance Enlivened Newry Streets
MUSIC and song, dance and drama, comedy and culture have enlivened the historic Chapel Street and Kilmorey Street area, over the past century.....READ>>

Famous Families All-Set For Unique Streets Reunion
SOME of Newry’s best-known families were well-represented among the past and present residents, as well as ex-pats, from the Chapel Street and Kilmorey Street area at the re-union in 2005.....READ>>

`Old Chapel` And Cemetary Treasure-House Of History
ST. MARY’S ‘Old Chapel` and the adjoining cemetery have re-united past and present residents of the frontier town for many years, in a spiritual sense, at the annual `Mass among the graves.` But the Chapel Street Area Re-union provided a natural and nostalgic coming-together.....READ>>

Recalling Happy Days Of Youth In Homely Newry Streets
“GOLDEN days, in the sunshine of our happy youth,” sang Mario Lanza, in the film `The Student Prince.` And those sentiments would be re-echoed by former residents of the Chapel Street area, as well as the rest of the frontier town.....READ>>

Progressive Newry Club Crossed All Frontiers
WHAT a contrast there was between two of Newry’s most historic thoroughfares, which ran parallel, about 40 yards apart, - Chapel Street and Kilmorey Street.....READ>>

Progress And Prosperity In `The Town I Love So Well`
GAZING down on the modern city of Newry, one can only marvel at the panorama of ever-expanding private housing developments, thriving shopping centres and industrial estates, schools and restaurants, social and recreational facilities, with the accompanying traffic gridlock.....READ>>

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