Crossmaglen Is Now At Centre Of The Sporting Universe
WHEN the Cardinal Tomas O Fiaich Stand was officially opened at St Oliver Plunkett Park in Crossmaglen in 2003, it was be a fitting monument to a distinguished son of the parish, dedicated to the GAA, the Irish language, history and culture.....READ>>

Regeneration Bonanza For Maligned South Armagh
R.O.S.A. (Regeneration of South Armagh), based at Crossmaglen, has been the driving-force behind the transformation of this neglected and much-maligned region into a thriving centre of economic and social development, as well as tourism.....READ>>

Religion And Politics Split G.A.A. In South Armagh
RELIGION and politics have caused division and chaos for the G.A.A. in South Armagh, but especially in the Crossmaglen area. The Association was denounced from the pulpits, while rival Sinn Fein and nationalist teams and supporters engaged in a virtual civil war.....READ>>

When Murder And Mayhem Ruled Supreme Around `Cross
OUTRAGE was caused when the tag of “Bandit Country” was attached to the South Armagh region by the Secretary of State, Merlyn Rees, thirty years ago.....READ>>

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