Newry Foresters Proud Record Of Unity And Benevolence
ONE of the best-known and most esteemed organisations in the Newry region, the John Mitchel Branch of the Irish National Foresters, - playing host at the All-Ireland Convention, - celebrated its Diamond Jubilee, in 2005.....READ>>

Newry Foresters On March To Progress And Prosperity
TRAINING young people from the Newry area to be responsible and self-sufficient citizens, has been the valuable contribution by leaders of the Boy Scouts movement for over half-a-century.....READ>>

Newry Foresters` Proud Record Of Major Achievement
WHAT a fascinating insight into the eventful history of the Newry region has been provided in the records of the John Mitchel Branch, Irish National Foresters, covering the past 120 years.....READ>>

Newry Foresters Inspired By Presbyterian Patriot
BORNE at the head of the parade, involving Foresters from North and South, participating in the 2005 Annual INF Convention at the frontier town, was a banner bearing a portrait of the Presbyterian patriot, John Mitchel, patron of the Newry Branch.....READ>>

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