Meadow Estate
Historic Newry Estate Plays Host To (U.S.) Benefactor
RESIDENTS of Newry’s Meadow estate live in the first non Council-owned housing development in the North, constructed by the newly-established NI Housing Trust in the mid-50’s. Dwellings were allocated by a Points system, unlike Council houses, where tenants were selected by political parties or individual councillors.....READ>>
Newry’s Meadow Was Nursery For Sporting Personalities
“THERE is a sports complex in my hometown of Newry, which includes some soccer pitches. It is called Jennings Park. Nothing that I have achieved in football has given me more pleasure.”.....READ>>
Unique Estate Produced Plethora Of Personalities
FIRST person to be born at Newry’s unique Meadow estate was a bonny wee lass named Marie O’Hare, daughter of singing bus-driver, the late Pat O’Hare from Chapel Street. She married all-round sportsman, Larry Boyle, a native of Mary Street, while her sister, Deborah is the wife of Paddy Maguinness, Deputy Chief Executive of Concern Worldwide......READ>>
Newry Estates Blazed Trail In Community Enterprise
WHILE Newry’s Derrybeg estate can claim to have had the first Community Association in this area, its neighbours, the Meadow and Armagh Road, could boast of having secured the only complex of business units and Community Centre in this region, - maybe even in the North!.....READ>>
Newry’s Meadow Estate Escaped Trauma And Tragedy
HOW did Newry’s Meadow estate escape relatively unscathed from the recent `Troubles,` while their neighbours at Derrybeg bore the brunt of the conflict. Five of the `Beg’s residents were shot dead like schoolboy Kevin Heatley, or killed in bomb-explosions; many were interned, while army road-blocks, searches and arrests were abundant.....READ>>
World Champions Bring Golden Pride And Glory To Newry
CONGRATULATIONS and celebrations marked the return home to the Meadow estate in Newry of Geoffrey McCracken, bearing a brace of gold medals from the World Transplant Games in Canada. Janet Coleman brought similar glory to High Street, home of popular musician Tony Coleman and his wife.....READ>>
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