Post Office
Newry Post Office Staff In Front Line Of 'Troubles'
EMPLOYEES of the Post Office in the Newry region, including sorting and delivery, as well as counter staff at the Head Post Office in Hill Street, were in the front-line of the recent `Troubles.`.....READ>>

Catholic Ex-Servicemenís Mixed Status In Newry Area
CATHOLIC ex-servicemen have had an ambivalent position in the mainly nationalist town of Newry and its environs, over the past century.....READ>>

Community Accolades For Newry Post Office Staff
TOP community accolades, both local and national, have been bestowed on Newry Post Office staff in respect of fund-raising for charities like the Newry Hospice, Gateway Club, the Samaritans, Daisyhill Hospital and PHAB, over the past number of years.....READ>>

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