Slieve Gullion
Splendour And Heritage In The Shadow Of Slieve Gullion
AS interest buillt up for the All-Ireland Semi-final in 2002 against Dublin, it was fitting that the Slieve Gullion region should supply key players to the Armagh county squad, - the O’Rourke brothers from Dromintee; goalkeeper Benny Tierney, the Mullabawn teacher; and the McNulty brothers from nearby Lislea.....READ>>

Many Victims Of The Troubles In The Slieve Gullion Region
MAYBE the most bizarre episode of the recent Troubles occurred, in 1977, when an under-cover British Army officer, posing as an itinerant musician, was snatched from a public house at Dromintee, beaten, pistol-whipped and shot dead.....READ>>

Promoting Unique Heritage Of Slieve Gullion Region
ONE of the proudest people in the Slieve Gullion region, apart from the families of the All-Ireland champions, was Mrs Norah McCoy from Mullabawn, whose pupil was the famous Armagh goalkeeper, Benny Tierney.....READ>>

Slieve Gullion Region Was An Independant Entity
NOTED campaigner for civil liberties, Monsignor Raymond Murray, a native of South Armagh, has stated that the Slieve Gullion region was “the last place in Ireland to submit to British rule".....READ>>

Slieve Gullion Area Alive With Sound Of Irish Music
“WITH great pride I watch the young people carry on a proud tradition, by learning our music, songs and heritage,” stated Michael Quinn, the Slieve Gullion region’s singer-songwriter and storyteller.....READ>>

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