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Members of Down's All-Ireland winning squad along with officials, pictured with An Taoiseach, Mr Jack Lynch and the Lord Mayor of Dublin at a reception.

A Dream Team - A Magic Time

THIS BOOK is dedicated to that gallant band of Gaelic sportsmen, and the progressive team of mentors and administrators, who catapulted the Mourne county Phoenix-like from the Slough of Despond to the pinnacle of supremacy over the G.A.A. world.

But this publication would not have been possible without the cc-operation, encouragement and professionalism of so many friends in sport, public life and the media.

At the risk of omitting to mention someone, tribute must be paid to Donal Cassidy and his staff the team at Southern IteC, The Chairman of Newry and Mourne District Council, Pat McElroy and of Down District Council, John Doris, the Chairman of Down County G.A.A. Board, Jimmie Cousins, County Secretary Brain McAvoy and PRO Fintan Mussen, Jim Gorman (Cartoons), Barney Carr, Peter McGrath, Peter Makem, T.P. Murphy, Mrs. Alma Brown, Jim Traynor, Frank Bracken and Joe Fitzpatrick (Irish News), Jimmy Davis (Newry Reporter), Matt Fitzpatrick (Down Recorder), Gerry Murray (Examiner), Terry McLaughlin (Democrat) and Danny Baxenden.

The Charities which did benefit from this publication are: Newry Bunscoil, R.A.M.S. (Race Against Multiple Sclerosis) and the Gateway Club.

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